Palate Press Uncorks Swartland Revolution


Earlier this summer (winter in South Africa’s Swartland wine growing subregion) I had the chance to mix it up with the drivers of the Swartland Revolution; the winemakers.  Ever since I began to comprehend the unusually high authenticity and quality levels of the upstart region’s wines, I started sharing information about individual pieces of the story you can revisit in the following WineZag posts:

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Today, Palate Press published my most comprehensive look at the drivers and background of the Cape’s Swartland winemaking hotbed.   I urge you to read it if you are a fan of beautiful wines with impeccable textures and freshness, or if you are interested in getting in early on what will certainly be a well known global winemaking center for top quality Chenin Blanc and Grenache before too long.  I also strongly recommend, if you can swing it, a visit to Swartland on 11/11/11 when the second annual celebration of the Swartland Revolution takes place. Almost 80% of the event tickets are already sold, so don’t hesitate.   If you attend this righteously earned celebration highlighting everything about the region, be sure to look for me.  I am trying to work out logistics for my visit now.

If you can’t make it to South Africa in November and want to know more about Swartland, or if you want some Revolutionary background before your visit, check out my latest post at Palate Press by clicking the link or image that follows:

How the Swartland Crew is Bringing Up South African Wine