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Couly Les Chanteaux Chinon Blanc

Couly Dutheil Les Chanteaux Chinon Blanc

Have you ever had a wine that haunts you? More explicitly, did you ever taste a wine where its form and impression continually manifest themselves long after the wine is gone? Maybe it stayed in your presence days and weeks after the bottle was … [Read More...]

Chidaine Les Tuffeaux 2005

Choosing a Restaurant Wine List Over Food

As the eight of us maneuvered on a street corner to hail two NYC yellow cabs, my son asked me why we were traveling from 66th and Central Park West to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for dinner. "Aren't there any nice restaurants in Manhattan?" It was a … [Read More...]

Jeremy Parzen

Kaleidoscope of Wine Styles and Jeremy Parzen

A friend of mine that sells wine in Massachusetts has told me more than once he admires my openness and flexibility for enjoying varied styles of wine. Fresh, aged, brooding, bright, acidic, chewy, earthy, fruity, dense, leesy, steel, wood, … [Read More...]

ngorongoro crater lodge

Crisis in Wine Enthusiasm Averted

It has been quite some time, four weeks to be exact, since I have written here about wine.  That is the longest hiatus since WineZag launched in 2009.  Extended and distant third world travel, ailing elderly family, and our children's and their … [Read More...]

Tarlant BAM!

Why We Taste Grower Champagne

Grower Champagnes have displaced big house wines in our Boston blind tasting group's annual Champagne tasting lineups for the last few years.  As the keeper of these lineups, I am reporting this with nagging self awareness that I may have … [Read More...]

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